As a result of a joint effort, last october a delegation of 9 Chilean-Palestinians businessmen have visited Palestine with the company of the Invest Palestine teams, who were concerned to develop a program covering their interests and expectations regarding this trip, either in investments and personal terms.


Consistent with our commitment to deliver a constant accompaniment in the investment process, site visits were coordinated with those businesses that are in our opportunities portfolio, so that our guests could learn in a straightforward manner the operation and the people behind each of these wonderful projects.


The delegation also participated in a program consisting in visits to local, governmental and private institutions, all related to the Palestinian economy, so they could live and learn firsthand the details of the economic situation in Palestine and investment opportunities. As part of this trip, the delegation also participated in the “Bethlehem District Diaspora Convention” held between 1 and 3 October, where Invest Palestine not only promoted in Chile the participation of all those who wished to create and develop investment opportunities in Palestine, but also had a space to present the project to the attendees.


We are grateful for the trust and cooperation of this delegation. For us the experience was very enriching and met all our expectations. We look forward to future delegations and thus continue to generate new opportunities for investment and cooperation.


Images: “A week in photos”

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