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Welcome to Invest Palestine

Invest Palestine is a private company of consultants based in Santiago, Chile & Bethlehem, Palestine. Our company aims to facilitate the financing and development of projects and businesses in Palestine.

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Our Services

Invest Palestine operates under a solid concept and philosophy of promoting a sustainable and resource generating economy. The core of our services is designed to provide alternative solutions to promote Palestinian entrepreneurship to global networks of investors.

Financial & Investment Consultancy

Invest Palestine provides consulting and support services that deliver strategic in-tegrated and point solutions to Palestinian Enterprises. Every enterprise needs to enhance its strategic and operations management to overcome barriers in order to maximize profitability, improve productivity and access to high value markets.

Our services are tailored to fit into all of the phases of a sustainable economy. We begin by connecting resources, planning, building and generating value. Once the business is running, the critical stage of sustaining the business and targeting growth is our main focus.

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About Us

“Invest Palestine” is a diaspora initiative owned by a private company of consultants based in Santiago, Chile & Bethlehem, Palestine. Our company aims to facilitate the financing of projects and businesses of Palestinian entrepreneurs in Palestine. Invest Palestine is dedicated to connecting investors directly to local Palestinian entrepreneurs and building a sustainable business partnership between them.

Through “Invest Palestine”, an investor will be giving the chance to Palestinian entrepreneurs to develop local enterprises, produce locally, promote products that are not found in the Palestinian market, find a substitute to exported products, increase employment and also be obtaining profits in a market where there is an active legislation that promotes investments in Palestine and provides generous incentives to investors.
“Invest Palestine” also accomplishes interesting positive externalities, such as keeping and strengthening the relations of the interested investors with entrepreneurs in Palestine and, at the same time, helping the Palestinian people on their daily struggle to live on their land.

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Reasons to work with us

International Team

A solid and experienced team working between Chile and Palestine.

Follow up – Field

We care about following up each investment on the field.


We handle different languages perfectly.

Diverse & Experienced

We are a team with vast experience in different areas.

Partner Led

We take the initiative and we always go one step ahead.

Joint Ventures

We opened paths to work together with other companies.

Latest From Blog

Get the latest Palestinian news and Invest Palestine activities. Opinion and research articles.

Participation in Taqalid

January 22, 2018 By admin

Last October, the entire Invest Palestine team met in Santiago de Chile to be part of the great meeting of Palestinians

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The Palestinian Diaspora in Latin America

October 18, 2017 By admin

The Palestinian diaspora has a responsibility and we must see in it also the opportunity to contribute to

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Visiting the industrial zone of Bethlehem

October 18, 2017 By admin

This morning, the Chilean-Palestinian group from “Operation Return” has visited the industrial zone of Bethlehem with Invest Palestine.

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Meet the Partners

We are an experienced and empowered team of professionals from different areas but working with a common vision.

Nicola Stefan

Managing Partner

Marcelo Marzouka

Senior Partner

Claudia Rivera

Communications Director

Jamal Abu Farha

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