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Connect to an investor or entrepreneur

Connect to an investor

Financing opportunities for entrepreneurs

You have your business idea, the expertise and technicalities covered but even the most tempting loan or bank financing offers put you under stress. What you need is an investor, an experienced businessman/company who would believe in your capabilities and the potential of your business to grow, not only to enhance your project financially but perhaps add tips and experience from their success stories.
Yes, it’s going to be personal. It’s not going to be another fund or bureaucracy that will sink you with paper work and unlimited conditions. Through Invest Palestine you can get to a partner, the classic personal business model, a partner you can talk to, negotiate with and most certainly expand your business with.
If you are ready to sit on the table with your next potential partner, then it’s time to Connect.
If you are not ready yet, then there is a lot we can do about it. Go to BUILD.

Connect to an entrepreneur

Investment opportunities for investors

Investing in the next big business idea is not easy. Financial Consultants and investment experts could easily get too attached to numbers. Entrepreneurs, who work with us, trust us. We know their business from the inside, we have seen how they operate in real life and we make sure we touch their success and feel their growth potential. Then we use numbers to solidify this vision and to interpret the growth potentials.
Yes, we work inside out; we are in the business of delivering trust and success stories.

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