We believe in an autonomous Palestinian economy, where we excel in promoting and empowering its people and businesses towards a more sustainable way of life.


To generate networks of cooperation and trust between International investors and Palestinian enterprises, that possess great potential for growth and that promote the creation of employment and local production, through a platform made up of professionals and analysts of excellence.


- Trust: Building trust is essential to develop our mutual interests in an honorable way.
- Fraternity: We believe in developing the economy through sustainable and value-creating companies, bringing all the actors of the process closer.
- Excellence: We do not perform only to deliver, we do so excellently.
- Transparency: Perform with transparency in each stage of our project, through a responsible and effective management of information and contacts.

General Objective

To generate and facilitate encounters between Palestinian entrepreneurs and potential investors, in order to finance projects and businesses with a high return potential, as a way to boost the local economy in Palestine.

Social Impact

Through IP an investor will be giving the opportunity to Palestinian entrepreneurs to develop local projects, to create products that are not found in the Palestinian market, to find substitutes for imported products, to increase employment and, ultimately, to create a network of companies and factories that step by step strengthen the economy.

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