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Invest Palestine operates under a solid concept and philosophy of promoting sustainable and resource generating economy.
The structure of our services is symbolized by a circle. It is the symbol of continuity and sustainability.
Our services are tailored to fit into all of the phases of a sustainable economy.
We begin by connecting resources, planning, building and generating value. Once the business is running, the critical stage of sustaining the business and targeting growth is our main focus.


We aim to maximize resource turnover by connecting investors with high finan-cial resources to entrepreneurs with quality human and technical resources.

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Our Build tool is what you need to give life to your business idea. No matter how creative and innovative it is, no investor or partner would sign on without seeing the blueprints at least.

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Is our monitoring and growth tool. You built up the business, you connected with an investor or partner, but success, growth and implementation are ongoing tasks that we will not let you go through on your own.

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Our Model

The core of our services is designed to provide alternative solutions to promote Palestinian entrepreneurship to global networks of investors.

Invest Palestine’s teams work all year round to establish connections with potential investors in the diaspora so that Palestinian Entrepreneurs can apply to direct investment opportunities that arise from interested investors.
Invest Palestine provides in depth analysis of the enterprise, its business plan and its strategic plan.
If the enterprise satisfies the terms of compliance of Invest Palestine, it will be presented and promoted to suitable investors.
Invest Palestine does not operate a mutual fund, venture capital or angel investor platforms. Our teams receive business plans, analyze them and then facilitate them to its network of investors.
The decision to invest or not in those business plans remains solely in the hands of the investors.
For more information please review our terms of service and process cycle.

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